House & Home

We can help when it comes to needing an electrician in Christchurch

  • HVAC - Ducted Heat Pumps, High wall and floor console heat pumps.
  • Smart Heat Pump Controllers including AirTouch4 and AirTouch5 for complete control of room temperatures around your business or home.
  • We proudly supply and install EVOAQ fans and accessories
  • New building, complete electrical installation wiring, fit off and testing.
  • Mains Power supply, 230V Single phase and 400V 3 phase
  • Alterations, additions & switchboard upgrades
  • Heat transfer kits & ventilation systems including positive pressure ventilation likes of HRV, DVS and SmartVent
  • Isolations for safe working around electrical wiring
  • Power saving fittings and appliances
  • Feature lighting
  • Home entertainment
  • Built in ceiling speakers for home entertainment including Dolby Atmos and music
  • Data systems
  • LED lighting upgrades 


New shop fit outs to repairs & maintenance

  from to emergency repair's to shop fit outs

  • Quarterly, 6 and 12 monthly Preventative Maintenance
  • Lighting Maintenance and upgrades including LUX level testing
  • Signage along side our friends at Action Signs 
  • Appliance installation, safety testing and repairs
  • Restaurant and hospitality equipment  
  • New building, renovations of offices and retail
  • Power and Data Cabling
  • Annular service
  • Engineering workshops
  • 3 phase applications 


Barn's, Shed's, Silo's, Pump's and Irrigator's 

From lights and plugs through to wireless security. Electrician in Selwyn when you need us.

  • Additions, alterations and new builds, we will discuss the many options to suit your budget. 
  • Switchboards 
  • Security, Flood and High bay lighting
  • Extract fan's and controls
  • 3 phase supply


  • Installation, service and repair. We provide fault finding second to none! From grain systems, drier's, rollers and mills, give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Dairy Sheds 

Look no further, we are here to help with your electrical equipment. Repairs and maintenance seem to be an on going issue with some shed's. Spending less initially for a repair to keep an item operating. This is practical in some situations, our aim is in preventative maintenance and repair. Reliability in equipment that can be counted on.

  • Effluent Pump Controls
  • Timers
  • Motor Protection
  • Platform Controls

Water supply Pumps

  • Auto Tank fill using level probes and float switches
  • Irrigation pump controls, timers and power supply
  • Domestic wells, start / stop and pressure switches

Septic tank 

  • Pump controls
  • Testing
  • Fault alarms

Testing & Tagging

New safety legislation has introduced the requirements for appliances in commercial and industrial use to be tested every 6 months.

  • Test appliance for safety,  Electrically and mechanically
  • Provide prompt repairs when ever possible either during or at the end of Testing
  • Tag power lead of appliances to indicate they are safe to use

Electrical Installation Testing

Provides verification (inspection and testing) to ensure that electrical installations comply with the requirements of AS/NZS 3000 with regard to the prevention of people or livestock from sustaining an electric shock or injury from fire. Includes tests for earth continuity and resistance, insulation resistance, polarity, correct circuit connections, phase sequence, earth fault-loop impedance, operation of residual current devices (RCDs), measurement of the resistance of the earth electrode, measurement of touch voltage and continuity, and resistance of the incoming neutral.